Middle School AVID Application
Instructions: Complete the following with your parents. ALL QUESTIONS WITH A * ARE REQUIRED

AVID gives priority to students who are traditionally underrepresented in 4-year colleges. This information helps us determine which students will likely benefit most form our program in the case of limited space. Your answers in this section do not disqualify you from acceptance

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Space is limited. Is AVID your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Choice for your elective?
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Do you want to attend a 4 year University *
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Interview Questions
Student, this is your chance to shine! Answers these questions thoughtfully. Your answers will help us determine if you are right for our program.
Why should we accept you into our AVID program? Tell us how wonderful you are.
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What extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, church, etc.) are you involved in?
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Describe your plans for your future after high school.
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In AVID we are looking for leaders. Tell us about a time when you were a leader. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. It could be a time doing group work or even doing something with your friends.
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