Call for Leadership to host a Regional Grand Challenge Consultation

Leading up to the Global Report on Assistive Technology, GAATO invites you to share your views on AT Outcomes. The Grand Challenge Consultations will be held across all WHO Regions between June and September 2021. Where needed, regional consultations may be further broken up by geographic regions and /or regional languages. Coordinated in partnership between GAATO AT Outcomes (ATO) Team and Regional Consultation Teams, these 4 hour virtual consultations will use:
• Shared schedule
• Shared objectives
• Shared meeting materials
• Democratic voting software for prioritization

Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering to be a regional leader by Friday, May 14th, 2021.

If you would like more information, please visit:

If you would like to get in touch with the GAATO AT Outcomes Team, please contact GAATO at The GAATO AT Outcomes Team is comprised of Roger Smith, Natasha Layton, Silvana Contepomi, John Lamb, Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, and Emma Smith.
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WHO Health Region Map for Reference
WHO Health Region Map for Reference
If you are planning to serve a sub-region, or specific area within of one of the WHO Health Regions listed above, please describe the region you intend to serve here:
Proposed Timing of Meeting (Approximate or Known Date)
If your meeting is to be linked to an existing event, please provide details of that event
Names and contact information of 2-3 additional proposed team members
Regional Consultation Language
We expect regional consultations will be conducted in a local language which is used by the majority of the population in the region. In some regions, there may be more than one prevalent language, and you may have plans to have translation during the event, which will require additional consultation with the ATO team to accomplish.

We anticipate that at least one member of the Regional Consultation Team will be able to liaise with the ATO Team in English. We will also need any notes arising from meeting discussions translated into English following the meeting.

Please confirm the following information regarding Regional Consultation Language.
What language do you intend to run the regional consultation in?
Do you intend to provide translation services into any other languages during the regional consultation? Please describe how you would accomplish this.
Please confirm the following:
Thank you
Thank you for your interest. We will be in contact in the coming weeks, and look forward to working with you to develop your regional consultation.
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