Green MEÆT: Pitch Application
Do you have an idea for a project, initiative or business in YEG? Does it have a environmental sustainability or "green" component? Need some cash and support to get your idea off the ground?

Edmonton’s NextGen has been hosting MEÆT, a micro-granting event, since 2011, awarding community initiatives funds raised from ticket sales.

This is YOUR opportunity to get a project funded! Come enjoy lunch and present your project to MEÆT. The audience gets to vote on their favourite pitch with $10 of each ticket price going to the winner - an estimated total of $500. Together our wealth can make a meaningful contribution and help a fantastic idea succeed.

Lunch MEÆT will be held on -
Date: Saturday November 2, 2019
Time: 12-2pm (need to be there for full event time)
Location: Meeting Centre, Edmonton Tower (10111 104 Avenue)

Your project, idea or initiative needs to have a component of environmental sustainability or "green" to be considered as a pitch for the event. We are seeking presenters that have a unique idea which falls under this theme. Presentations must be 5 - 10 minutes in length, describe your organization, what your project is and how it relates to the environmental sustainability or "green" theme and what you would do if you won the micro-funding.

NextGen will be following up with winners, including featuring the winning project on the NextGen blog.

Please fill out this form to present at Green MEÆT. Applications are due by midnight on Sunday October 27, 2019. If you need further clarification, please email

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Thank you very much for your interest.

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Thank you for your application! Edmonton NextGen's Ignite Working Group will confirm participation in Green MEAET by Wednesday October 23, 2019.
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