New Apesโ€” Get $20+ in Dumb Apes
NOW - Q1'2022 ONLY:

1 billion DUMB = $1 in our Meta (mainnet).

"Today, we $DUMB. Tomorrow, we $META. We change world." ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿš€

Note: You can always edit/change your answers later.

More details:
ETH Wallet Address (+$5)
Example: 0x8e1F84dA5B91e7a117675282Fe58e1bb0444f4F0
Meta Username (create one now) (+$5)
This is the username you can provide for referrals | But also, when we have a Meta Mainnet. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Who referred you? (+$5 for you, +$5B for referrer.)
Write down their Meta Username. Leave blank if no one referred you.
Check all platforms you followed us.
Twitter Username (+$5)
Twitter username used to follow @DumbMeta. Leave blank, if you did not follow.
Discord ID (+$5)
Discord ID used to join our server.. Leave blank, if you did not join.
Reddit Username (+$5)
Reddit user on /r/DumbMeta. Leave blank, if you did not join.
Telegram Username (+$5)
Country (+$5)
This helps us (1) understand our diversity (2) prioritize languages & regions (3) schedule future events
Want to be actively involved? (Optional)
We'll have a private Discord server. | If we execute well, top 5000 apesโ€” $2000/each, top 200 $50k/each, top 10 $1M/each. | See Apenomics 101
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Write down anything | Maybe your skills / passion, ideas/suggestions... anything.
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