LOCALMOTIV Shop Local Socials
We are so happy that you are interested in participating in our new Shop Local Social events.

As a local shopper, you’ve experienced the joy of personal connection with a merchant. And you’ve benefited from the personal attention. Perhaps they've introduced you to the newest/most interesting/most unique items available at their shop. They’ve answered your questions and guided you in your purchase decisions. You’ve enjoyed their shops and perusing the expertly curated merchandise.

We want to recreate these rich experiences in a virtual format and make them accessible from the comfort of your home.

So, almost needless to say, we are very excited to introduce you our new virtual Shop Local Socials. Each event will be anchored with a shopping "theme" like "Solving the Toughest Gift Giving Situations." We'll introduce you to a bricks and mortar independent Oakland merchant, their shop, and their products. It's like a personal guided tour where everybody gets to shop.

As a Shopper Guest, you'll experience the joys of shopping local in an intimate and personalized setting -- all without leaving your own abode.

You will be invited to a 1 hour Shop Local Social event along with other Shopper Guests. It's a live, video conference format. All you need to do is sit back, relax, indulge in an adult beverage or two (if you like), meet some new like-minded people, and perhaps purchase some very cool stuff!

Plan to be delighted by this new kind of shopping experience and be ready to shop!

Answer a few questions to help us understand your shopping interests. Once you've filled out the questionnaire, consider yourself signed up for upcoming events. We'll then send you emails about upcoming Socials that you can attend.

Please feel free to forward the link to this form to them. The more the merrier.

Just reach out to Sarah at sarah@localmotiv.social.

Thank you so much!

Sarah, Ivetta, and Danielle
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