TaVaci Registration for 2019-2020 (New!! Registration is per semester per student-This allows us to get rid of additional concert fees later in the semester :) )
This form must be accompanied by payment of Registration fee in order to secure your child's spot in class. After completing form, please click "Buy Now" to pay Registration Fee. You can pay $25 each semester, fall and spring, or $40 now for both

*Registration is NON-REFUNDABLE unless classes 1, 2 and 3 are fully attended and the child does not want to continue. If ALL 3 are not attended registration will not be refunded

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Studio Policies and Procedures
*Please read through and sign at the bottom!*

ATTENDANCE: Attendance to every class is much appreciated! However, we do realize conflicts arise. Please keep in mind children will perform well when they are confident about their music. We, occasionally, have extra practices for specialty numbers that may involve some of the students (no extra charge). When possible, we try to hold these right after regular class. Specialty numbers are optional (but are REALLY fun!).

CLASS & CONCERT BEHAVIOR: We make sure our classes are very fun and interactive! To ensure that TaVaci is a good experience for everyone, students must be able to follow direction from teachers appropriate to their age group. Disruptive behavior, for any reason, takes away from the experience of the rest of the group, and continued disruptive behavior may jeopardize your child's participation in TaVaci.

CONCERTS: The concert is an integral part of your vocal training. It is the most positive of all the music activities in improving self-esteem and confidence. There will be two concerts annually (Christmas and Spring) Concerts are free to the public.

TECH REHEARSALS: The rehearsals held prior to the concert at the performing arts center are MANDATORY. You will have advance notice of dates and times. The rehearsals are closed to the public! SORRY!

ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCES: Occasionally we are invited to perform at special events and sing-outs. Attendance is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. There are no additional charges for these performances. This fall we have been invited to sing at the St. Alphonsus festival of Trees. Date and time will be announced in the near future

CLASSTIME DROP OFF & PICK UP: Class will be held at Crimson Point Elementary in Kuna. This is a fantastic facility! Please remind your children to be respectful to the classroom and restrooms so we can continue to use it. Do not drop children off more than 10 minutes before class starts.
* I will have a spot outside the actual classroom for them to wait until the room is ready for fun!

VISITORS: If your child would like to bring a friend to class please notify the teacher; otherwise we would request that no visitors (parents included) attend class. The younger children, in particular, are easily distracted. If you have questions about your child's progress, please notify your child's teacher. We will have designated parent days where you can come watch the class!

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