Soldsense Showing Request Questionaire
Before we set up an appointment to show a rental to a prospective tenant, we do a preliminary screening to make sure the requirements for tenancy is a good fit with you. This will help save both you and us a lot of time.

We will not show a rental until the below questions have been answered and the prospective tenant has been found to meet the criteria of the owner.

Keep in mind the following:
1) All adult occupants has to submit an application to rent and all adult occupants have to be on the lease. There is a $40 application fee per adult.
2) All proposed occupants or decision-makers should be present at the showing - we do not show the property multiple times to the same group.
3) Good credit (680+) is very important for your application. If you have poor credit, recent late payments, judgements etc please let us know ahead of time by filling it in at the end of this form.
4) You will typically need two months paid prior to move in (security deposit and 1st months rent.) In addition comes any pet deposits/fees and the application fees.
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Property Address *
Please let us know the property address you are interested in.
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Are you working with a Realtor? *
Is another real estate professional assisting you in finding a home by representing/consulting you and/or showing you homes? (If YES, please contact your agent to schedule the home.)
How would you rate your credit and the credit of those that are going to live with you? *
All adults will have to fill in an application to rent and will have to be on the lease. Credit will be run on ALL adults living in the home.
Do you have any pets? *
If yes
If Yes above in regards to pets, please explain
Number and type of pets, size, breed, type, age etc
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When are you looking for the lease to start? *
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What is the total verifiable household income? *
Please let us know approximately how much the total combined verifiable income is.
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How many adults total will stay in the home? *
All adults staying in the home will have to fill out a complete rental application, qualify, be on the lease and pay the application fee. No exceptions.
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Do you have landlord references and what are they? *
When would you be available to see the home? Any other information?
Please let us know when would work for you to see the home and any other information that is relevant.
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