ENGL516: Computers and Writing: Theory and Practice - Midterm Evaluation - Winter 2014
The midterm evaluation offers you the opportunity to provide your instructor with anonymous input about how the class is going. Providing this feedback gives your instructor a chance to make adjustments and accommodations, when appropriate, between now and the end of the term. Please spend a few minutes providing complete, detailed answers to the questions below.
1. Evaluate the following aspects of the course: *
The activities and assignments in the course align with the course objectives for ENGL516.
The professor communicates instructions and expectations in a manner appropriate for a graduate-level seminar.
The professor is available for consultation or assistance and has allowed sufficient time during the seminar to answer my questions.
The rubrics, criteria, and grading scale presented in the syllabus and in individual assignments are used to evaluate performance.
The required readings are complementary to the professor's presentation.
I felt appropriately challenged and supported throughout the first half of the semester.
2. Would you describe your professor as: *
a. Knowledgeable about computers and writing?
b. Knowledgeable about the teaching of writing?
c. Knowledgeable about technology?
d. Prepared for class?
e. Skilled at leading and moderating discussion?
f. Open to views of seminar participants?
g. Enthusiastic about class assignments and activities?
h. Intellectually engaging?
i. Fair?
j. Professional?
3. Please provide additional comments to explain one or two of your answers to the previous question.
Include the letter of the item you are commenting on. E.g., d. Prepared for class.
Your answer
4. Comment on the professor's feedback on your writing this semester. Has it been instructive? Helpful? Timely?
Your answer
5. What changes would you recommend to the course? Note: If you would prefer *not* to be doing something we have done, suggest an alternative activity, assignment, or focus for study.
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6. Were it not a requirement, would you recommend this course to a student in your field of study? Why or why not?
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7. At the midway point in the semester, based on other courses I have taken (or am currently taking) at EMU, I would rate this professor as
8. Use the this space to provide any additional comments you want to share about the professor or the course.
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