Evaluation Poll For The Dharma Blog
As many of you may know, this blog was created for my 11th grade IB Project. My main goal was to express my thoughts on social issues surrounding the South Asian community through a blog. As the project is coming to an end , it is finally time to evaluate the outcome of the work I've accomplished during the past 6 months. It would sure help if you guys could take a look at my blog ( if you haven't already here is the link https://thedharmasite.wordpress.com ) and answer this poll!
Out of 10, how much points would you attribute to my blog aesthetically and organization wise ?
Out of 10 , how much points would you attribute for the quality of my texts ( content, clarity, well written, concise ) ?
What was the category of posts you enjoyed the most ?
Do you think I should continue writing/blogging ?
Comments ( Whether it's about my blog in general, future content, suggestions or tips )
Your answer
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