Lexington Collaboratory & Makerspace Micro-Loan Program Application
The Purpose of the Micro-Loan Program is to help new entrepreneurs or existing small business owners in the Lexington & Rockbridge area obtain small, short-term, interest-free loans to help meet a one-time need for additional working capital associated with a specific event or time-sensitive/seasonal business opportunity (e.g., organizing an artistic or cultural event, producing a product to be sold at a local event or seasonally).

Projects may be, but are not limited to being, a stepping stone to starting a business or expanding an existing business in Lexington/Rockbridge. Applicants do not have to justify on the basis of jobs created or downtown storefronts filled, but should demonstrate to see a reasonable case for how this project will lead to the borrower continuing business activity here.

Borrowers may be one-person operations and/or have limited employment histories. For example, college students or recent graduates may apply.

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