Pure Ocean - Application form - Call for projects 2018
Created by David Sussmann, Pure Ocean is a Fund under the aegis of the King Baudouin Foundation, which aims to raise funds to support innovative projects for the preservation of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Based in Marseille in Southern France, it has been launched in October 2017 and aims to fund its first projects by the end of 2018.

To help you in the application process, here is a list of all the biggest questions that need to be answered (2000 characters including spaces maximum). You can copy and paste those questions in a document to prepare them in advance before filling the final application form. Once your form is submitted you can edit it again until the deadline of Sunday 20th of May 2018 by midnight GMT.

Excellence of the project

Objectives *
Describe the specific objectives for the project, which should be clear, measurable, realistic and achievable within the duration of the project. Describe what needs the project addresses & resolves.

Relation with priority themes *
Our three priority themes were: 1) Monitoring changes in ocean life (productivity, biodiversity, distribution...) and characteristics (temperature, currents, chemical cycles...) and their impact on global dynamics. 2) Improving the ways marine resources are exploited (energy, minerals, pharmaceutical...) in order to be more sustainable. 3) Identifying techniques/methods that restore and/or increase the resilience of the local environment and stabilise and/or increase natural biodiversity. Indicate the proposed priority theme to which your proposal relates, and explain how your proposal addresses the specific challenge and scope of that theme.

Concept *
Describe and explain the overall concept underpinning the project. Describe the main ideas, models or assumptions involved. Identify any inter-disciplinary considerations and, where relevant, use of stakeholder knowledge.

Methodology *
Describe and explain the overall methodology, distinguishing, as appropriate, activities indicated in the work plan (section below), e.g. for research, demonstration, piloting, first market replication...

Ambition *
Describe the advance your proposal would provide compared to what already exists, and the extent the proposed work is ambitious and passionate towards saving the Oceans.

Innovation *
Describe the innovation potential which the proposal represents compared to what already exists. Please specify the innovation type(s) your proposal fits to (technological, social, ecological...).

Impact of the project

Expected impacts *
Detail any substantial short/middle or long-term impacts that would enhance innovation capacity; create new market opportunities, strengthen competitiveness and growth of companies, address issues related to climate change or the environment, or bring other important benefits for society.

Long-lasting outputs *
Describe what remains once the project is over. What aspects of your design can warranty long-lasting outputs. What are the specific deliverables that will come out of your the project.

Potential barriers *
Describe any barriers/obstacles, and any framework conditions (such as regulation, standards, public acceptance, workforce considerations, financing of follow-up steps, cooperation of other links in the value chain), that may determine whether and to what extent the expected impacts will be achieved.

Dissemination and exploitation of results *
Provide a description of how the results both during and at the end of the project will be used to increase its impact between stakeholders and to the rest of the world.

Communication *
Describe the proposed communication measures for promoting the project and its findings during the period of the grant. Measures should be proportionate to the scale of the project, with clear objectives. They should be tailored to the needs of different target audiences, including groups beyond the project's own community. Where relevant, include measures for public/societal engagement on issues related to the project.

Implementation of the project

Work plan *
Provide a precise description of the different steps that need to be achieved and a preliminary timeline for the length of the project (you can upload a table, graphic, Gantt or Pert chart below if needed).

Management structure *
Describe the organisational structure of the project according to its different collaborators. Explain why the decision-making mechanisms are appropriate to the complexity and scale of the project. Describe any critical risks, relating to project implementation, that the stated project's objectives may not be achieved. Detail any risk mitigation measures.

Contribution of collaborators *
Explain why each collaborator is needed and what specific skills they are adding to the project.

Resources *
Provide a detailed explanation showing the number of person months required; the materials needed and other necessary resources that will appear in a budget table that needs to be uploaded below. The preliminary budget needs to be detailed per step of the work plan and per collaborator. A minimum functioning budget should also be specified as well as other potential sources of co-funding in case we cannot fund your project in full.

There are also several documents (1MB in size maximum) that will need to be uploaded (if you have a google account):
- CV (in document of PDF format);
- Budget (in spreadsheet or PDF format);
- Graphic of your work plan or prototype (in presentation, image or PDF format) eventually.

If you don't have a google account and cannot create one, please send those pieces with a clear name to deborah@pure-ocean.org

Email address *
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