Hosting a Norwex Demonstration!
Below I will answer all of your questions about hosting a Norwex Demonstration, whether online or in person!
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Why should I host a Norwex Demonstration?
If you love Norwex products, and believe in Norwex's mission to create Safe Havens in every home, then sharing this information with your friends is a great next step. As a thank you for sharing the word, Norwex has very generous Host Rewards which I will post further below.
Where should I host my demonstration?
In your home or online (Facebook) are both excellent ideas.
What is an in-home demonstration like?
At an in-home demonstration it is very much like any informal get-together with friends. You can serve some simple snacks and drinks and I will meet and welcome each of your guests as they arrive. We will sit together for about half-an-hour as I talk about the reasons they might want to make the switch to Norwex for their cleaning needs and also do some demonstrations that usually result in mouths hung open. I make the demonstration as interactive as possible so your friends don't feel like they are in the middle of a boring lecture. Afterwards, you just enjoy your guests' company as they browse the catalog and talk with me about what they have decided to purchase.
Well, then, what would it be like on Facebook?
Facebook is a very different experience as your friends get to stay home in their comfy clothes on their own couch. The party takes about an hour and will consist of informational posts as well as games and prizes based on whatever theme you and I have chosen. The week before I will have posted some Norwex information that should leave them with a basic understanding of what Norwex is all about before the party even starts. You would want to interact with your guests on Facebook just as you would if they were in your own home - commenting on and liking their comments and questions.
Can someone co-host with me?
Absolutely. The more the merrier.
What if some of my friends can't make the party, would they still have a chance to order?
Definitely. For an in-home party, I will provide you with extra catalogs that you can share and we can leave your party open as long as you need to in order to gather those extra orders. On Facebook, your friends will have access to the posts both before and for about 3 days after the party. Shopping will remain open as long as you would like it to.
When will my guests receive their Norwex products?
Products normally ship within 48 hours from when the order is placed. The end of the month can often stretch that a bit as things get a bit more hectic. They should then arrive within a week to 10 days.
I'm not sure I know enough people to invite.
More important than the number of people who come is your enthusiasm about Norwex. Small parties can be wonderful opportunities to really learn a lot more about Norwex and are often very successful for the Host as well. I always figure - even if it is just you and me in the room, a good time will be had, so don't let those worries keep you from hosting.
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I hope I've answered all of your Hosting questions.
If I have not, feel free to email me at Now I have some questions for you!
Do you already own any Norwex?
Do you use your Norwex?
The most successful parties are said to be held on Sunday and Thursday evenings, but I am open to party anytime! Which day of the week and time would work best for you?
Just for 3 people who come to mind right away when you think about guests for your party!
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I love to work with themes. Have done - Earth Day, Irish, Moon, Flowers, S'Mores (Camping), Unicorns, Birthday and Giraffussess. Does any Theme come to mind when you think about your own party?
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That's it. I look forward to Partying with you in whatever way works best for you!
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