Hunters Creek ES Garden Volunteers
Hunters Creek Elementary will hold an event on May 25th to honor and learn more about the memorials on campus and the people that they commemorate. They will also have a dedication ceremony for a garden that has been on campus for several years that was started and maintained as a source of education by a retired teacher, Mrs. Jeanette Domaschk. To get ready for that event we need help getting the garden ready. The students have planted vegetables and flowers, but the weeds need to be pulled. Also, the pathways need to be cleaned of weeds and re-paved with decomposed granite. May 20th we need volunteers to help haul and spread the granite. If you would like to help please sign up below. Pictures at
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I can help on Saturday May 20th 8:30 - 11:30(?)
I can help weed before May 20th - Please add when you are available for a "Happy Hour" of Gardening and any other comments.
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