Design Principles & Photography Composition Unit Exam (Fall 2017)
Adv. Web Design, Design Principles & Photography Composition Exam
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Basics of Design Principles
1. Repetition on a Web site should happen naturally and without any planning by the designer.
2. Add variety to your site pages. Each page should have a different look so that the user is surprised after each click.
3. Plan out your repetitive areas which can be (but not limited to) the logo, background page color, color scheme, typography, layout, links and navigation
4. Contrast has two purposes, create an interest/make an element stand out on a page and to aid in the organization of the information.
5. Through the use of contrast, have each element on your page have the same priority
6. To make links, text and graphics stand out place them on top of a colored box. Bring the attention to the box and not the element.
7. Headlines and Sub-Headlines should be placed away from its corresponding body text to make the headline stand out!
8. Be aware of the space between elements. Group items together that belong together.
9. Squint your eyes and see what elements on the page seem to have connections because of the spatial arrangement.
10. Set up your page so that if it was set in another language, you would still know what each piece of text referred to because of the spacing.
11. Line up text and graphics with both horizontal and vertical alignment
12. Use mixed alignments to add variety. Example: left align body text on the left and center the headline
13. When you place an object on a page go with the "place and see where it sticks" theory.
14. You should be able to state in words why an element is placed where it is.
15. Do not center align objects unless you have a reason or a 100% space. Center alignment is safe for a beginner designer because it is weak.
16. Do not line up text to the edge of the left panel. It is not clean and distracting to have your eye bump into the left edge of the browser page.
17. On a digital screen indent text on a new paragraph to visually break apart sections of text
18. Pages with strong left or right alignments usually look more sophisticated and create unity.
19. Items that are not close in proximity do not need to be aligned to each other. Only focus on alignment with objects that are close in proximity.
20. Select the best rule to follow when placing content on your Website
21. Select the one option which is not a good trend to follow when building a navigation bar for your site
22. Where is the natural location for a human eye to look at first when viewing anything visual or with content?
23. Arial is not a good font to use for the body content of your Website because sans-serif font types are harder to read on digital screens
24. The footer of your Website should stand out with the use of a large amount of contrast so that it is obvious to the viewer that they have reached the bottom of the page.
25. It is suggested to use all capitalization on the most important body content (paragraph) of the page to help make this information stand out more!
1. Select the most appropriate principle for the following scenario: You have been asked to take photos at the next Volleyball meet
2. Select the most appropriate principle for the following scenario: Senior photos for a friend in a park
3. Select the most appropriate principle for the following scenario: A picture of Mrs. Cullen's classroom which would cause her to have interest in the picture
4. The name of the picture which is placed on the home page to grab the viewers attention
5. What food item is featured in food commercials/photography in place of milk?
1. Psychological colors are color that relate to mind, motion and the body which are only effective when using the 3 primary colors of red, green and blue
2. Choose the most appropriate color for the following Website: A new restaurant that is opening up in town called "Skip's"
3. Choose the most appropriate color for the following Website: A new nutritionist clinic
4. The name of the colors which we consistently apply to our Website
5. I will now be able to design an attractive Web site based on my new design and photography knowledge!
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