Comix Quest Feature Form
This is a form for independent comic creators with special focus on creators making stories beyond what has previously been "standard" (cisgender, straight, white, male). Artists, letterers, writers, publishers, editors and all stripes of people that help make wonderful, diverse comics (including zines and webcomics) are welcome. This includes (but is certainly not limited to) LGBTQIA+, noncis/nonbinary, PoC, Muslim, and Jewish creators.

Feel free to write as much or little as you like; to skip a question, simply type 'skip' or 'pass'. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to reach out @Beebidon on twitter or through
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To start, give me a brief bio about yourself: who you are, preferred online alias and pronouns, whatever details (age, vague location, previous works etc.) you care to add. If you have a website or seven, here's where to mention it/them! (If you have a preferred photo of you or art piece for me to use in the piece, feel free to specify that or shoot me an email or twitter DM. Otherwise I default to twitter icons for your photo!) *
What do you do? (Write, draw, edit, publish, promote etc.) How did you get started doing that?
How did you get your start in comics? What was your first project and how did it come about?
Any current or upcoming projects we can find you on?
Do you work solo or do you collaborate with others? If so, what are some of your favorite types of collaboration? (People you've worked with, style of creators you get along with etc.)
Anyone you'd like to collaborate with some day? Why?
What are your favorite genres/styles of comics to work in? Are there any you definitely will not do?
Where do you draw your inspiration from? What is it you hope to accomplish with the works you help foster?
How has your specific identity shaped how and what you create? (Your gender, sexuality, religion etc.) How do you think your work is uniquely "you"?
How do you feel about the current comics industry's state? What gives you hope for the future of comics?
Who are some of your favorite/most inspirational characters in comics? What about in other media (novels, TV, movies, podcasts, pop culture)? Why?
Do you have any advice to aspiring creators? What was the best advice you were ever given about comics?
What do comics mean to you?
Anything else? (Free space!)
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