Fall 2018 PAL Placement Form (130, 131, 136, & Continuing 139)
Welcome to the PAL (Partners At Learning) Program

We are the service-learning division of UC San Diego's Department of Education Studies.

Some important details you need to know about our classes (EDS 130, 131, 136, 137, 139 cont. and 140-141):

All new EDS practicum students are required to complete a background check form. Please visit: http://eds.ucsd.edu/_files/undergrad/130ClearanceForm.pdf, complete and print the "clearance form" and return to EDS offices, 3rd floor of Pepper Canyon Hall.

Do NOT enroll in any PAL course if you have previously failed an EDS practicum course, have been convicted of a felony, or are required to register as a sex offender.

A TB test is required. Bring a copy of the results with you to the first day of class. You may receive your TB test through the Student Health Center. A TB test is valid for 12 months, however some schools may require a more recent TB test.

We partner with schools in lower income neighborhoods throughout San Diego County. Estimate a 25-35 minute commute from campus to your assigned school site.

If you have a friend or roommate you'd like to take the class with, we can put you at the same school site and in the same discussion section, be sure to list each others' names in the answer for the carpooling question.

You don't need a car to take a PAL class. If you don't have transportation we will put you at a school near public transportation, help you find a carpool, or access the campus CST (Community Service Transportation: https://students.ucsd.edu/student-life/involvement/community/local-ongoing-service/cstvans/index.html).

The PAL classes only meet once a week so attendance is mandatory in all lectures and discussions.

All PAL classes require a minimum of 40 field hours. These hours must be logged consistently throughout the quarter and completed by the end of week 10.

To complete your 40 hours make sure to reserve approximately 4-6 hours per week during school hours (elementary & secondary school: approximately 7:30am-3pm; preschool: 7am-12:30pm & 2:00pm-5:00 pm) to work at your assigned school.

Notes on Media Use:
You agree to authorize UC San Diego’s Education Studies Program to use and reproduce any and all pictures featuring you.

Notes on Internet Policy:

1. PAL students are not authorized to share their email or any other personal internet information with PK-12 students.

2. We strongly recommend PAL students remove or use privacy settings for any questionable social networking site information (e.g. facebook, blogs, youtube, etc.) Parents or school personnel who find your information offensive or inappropriate may request your termination at your school site placement. Use your privacy settings!

Partners at Learning
I have read and understand the requirements for enrolling in a PAL course. I am eligible and agree to all terms. *
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