What's Going On, Arts?
At the moment, it feels like we are living a giant question mark. When will the lockdown end? Why did I take going to campus for granted? What outfit should I wear to match my mask? Will those snacks I left in my locker have come alive and reproduced by the time I can go back? How will I earn money without that summer job I was counting on?

We can't promise to answer all your questions, but we want to try!

Tuomas Auvinen and Rasmus Vuori, the Dean and Vice Dean of Arts, will be going live with TOKYO on Monday 20 April at 17:00 to answer your questions about what is going on in ARTS at the moment.

We will be using this form to gather questions beforehand, so please share your thoughts, concerns and questions here. Make sure to follow along on our Facebook page to hear the answers, and/or join in the conversation in Zoom.

*Please note that we will be combining common questions and the Dean and Vice Dean will answer as many as possible given the time constraints.

With love,
TOKYO Advocates
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