Teen Save Your Story Entries (Grades 7-12)
Below are some prompts to get you started, but feel free to submit any writing or art related to COVID-19 or social distancing.

• What did you do today (or this week)? How was that different than what you would do on a “normal” day/week?
• What changes have you personally experienced (physically, mentally, or emotionally) since this crisis began?
• What changes have you observed in your family, your friends, or your local community?
• Where/how do you normally attend school? Has this changed? What do you like or dislike about the changes?
• How do you stay in touch with family and friends?
• Has this crisis changed any of your plans for vacations, school activities (concerts, sports, plays, etc.), celebrations, or religious activities?
• What do you think about the actions of government leaders in response to this crisis?
• What has been the most difficult thing for you? Do you think there’s anything positive about what’s happening?
• What do you miss most about “normal life”? Are there any changes that you like or enjoy?
• Feel free to submit any art or images you’ve created about the COVID-19 crisis, quarantine, or social distancing.

Questions? Email dearbornkids@gmail.com.
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If you would like to upload artwork or images, please email them to dearbornkids@gmail.com
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