Appliance Repairman/Repair Team/Repair Guys/Service 4 Appliance complaints
This company operates under many names. Please respond to the following questions if you are a disgruntled customer of any of these companies. This information is critical to move ahead with pursuing legal action against them. For more information, please visit Thanks very much, Sylvia Duckworth
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1. Your name
2. Your email address
3. Closest city to you.
4. Appliance that needed repairs
5. Date that Appliance Repairman came to your house.
6. Total you paid them.
7. Did they fix your appliance?
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8. Amount of money you believe they owe you.
9. Do you have a copy of your bill from Appliance Repairman? If so, please take a photo of it and  email it to
10. How did Appliance Repairman respond to your complaint?
11. Have you filed a complaint with Consumer Protection Ontario?
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12. Anything else you would like to add?
13. How did you find out about this form?
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15. Can I include your name in a group email for updates?
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