Wolf Age Display

Following on from our poll earlier on in the week regarding breeding age being different to the age the wolf reaches adult, we had a final score of 71.8% no, and 28.2% yes.

We do have another idea that we think could work quite well, and would like to get player feedback on this. If the results of this poll are against this idea, we will keep it as it currently is in Wolvden.

For a refresher:

- Currently, wolves reach 'adulthood' at 1 year in game, or 24 real life days. They can breed as soon as they hit adulthood (and are in heat).

The previous poll:
- Suggested that wolves still reach adult at age 1, but could breed at age 2, or 48 real life days, to be more in line with ages in the wild. The reason we didn't do this originally was because of balance and keeping lifespans relatively similar to Lioden. The result of this poll was a 'no'.

The new suggestion:
- Wolves are no longer listed in age as 'years' and 'months'.
- Wolves instead are given a descriptor of their life stage, such as: Newborn, Young Puppy, Puppy, Adolescent, Adult.
- So players can see exactly how old (in game time) a wolf is, it lists the number of rollovers a wolf has had. A wolf would need 24 rollovers (or real life days) to get to adulthood. A wolf getting close to natural death in game would be approaching 180 rollovers, the same as it would be anyway.

The difference is age is displayed in exact gameplay rollovers, and the 'years' and 'months' would be irrelevant and not used anymore.

Another interesting point it raises is that due to the fact rollover pauses aging until a player rolls - a puppy could be born in game, then three in game years could pass, where a player could have rolled only once. Whereas the game would have advanced three years, the puppy would still only show as one month old, due to the rollover pausing.

Please let us know your thoughts on this, and thank you for your feedback. It's all helping us shape the game. :)
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