Watershed Bikers - Phoenix Rail Trail: October 20th 5-6pm
Please join us for a 9 mile round trip bike ride at the Phoenix Rail Trail at 5pm on Tuesday, October 22nd. View a beautiful scenery of salt marshes, forests, and local neighborhoods. Please complete this form as space is limited and please follow the state's guidelines for social distancing while biking. We will meet at the Rail Trail Parking in Fairhaven 10 of 5pm.

What is a Bay Adventure? Bay Adventures aim to connect people to the resources of Buzzards Bay and the watershed. We want participants to leave with a sense of ownership of their local environment and a desire to explore further. Come learn a new skill, pursue a previously established interest or activity, connect with people who have similar interests, explore a conservation area, and participate in a fun outdoor activity. Please email jennings@savebuzzardsbay.org for more information or questions about Bay Adventures.

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