Oppression and Social Change Course Registration
Greetings my name is Dr. Taj Smith and I will serve as the teacher for this community non-credit bearing course. I reside in Rochester, NY, and work as a diversity consultant. Feel free to look me up on LinkedIn for a brief resume and email any questions to tajpsmithconsults@gmail.com.

Please complete this registration form to enroll in the 10-week class experience focused on understanding the dynamics of oppressions and how to create social change with a focus on race, racism and socio-economic class and classism. Class will be held on Tuesdays, 6:30pm-8:00pm from October 13 to December 15.

Course payment is due by October 11 at 4pm to gain access to the course. If you cannot afford to pay the total cost ($150) by the deadline, you can pay half ($75) upfront and the other $75 by the third class (October 27). If you need financial support and live in Rochester, NY, partial scholarships may be available through the Levine Center to End Hate (https://www.endhateroc.org/). In order to receive the scholarship you must make a financial contribution on a sliding scale. Payment options include Venmo (tajpsmithconsults), PayPal (my email) or check made out to Taj Smith. You can expect a message from me on October 11 with details for our first session, mailing address (if mailing check) or username for payment options.

I would consider this a beginner's level course. The goals of the course are to:

1) Identify strategies to minimize if not eliminate prejudice and discrimination ​
2) Increase your awareness and knowledge of the meaning of oppression
3) Deepen your understanding of how you benefit from or are marginalized by a system of oppression
4) Connect concepts to real life issues being faced on a day-to-day basis in your community
5) Openly discuss solutions to community and systemic problems related to race, ethnicity and socio-economic status
6) Practice the skills of empathy, perspective taking and systems/structural analysis


1) Meet once a week via Zoom
2) Time commitment includes 90 minutes per class session and up to 2 hours of homework each week
3) Life happens so two or three absences will be ok, but anymore will significantly limit how much you can learn. There will be no refunds based on absences. Extreme circumstances will be considered.
4) Each week check Google Classroom for readings and homework assignments
5) Demonstrating respect
6) Confidentiality
7) Active participation
8) Commitment to perspective taking
9) Openness to learn

Week-by-Week Topics (October 13 - December 15):

Week 1 Building Community ​
Week 2 What is Prejudice? What is Discrimination?
Week 3 What is Oppression? What is Social Power? (Pt. 1)
Week 4 What is Oppression? What is Social Power? (Pt. 2)
Week 5 How to Minimize Prejudice and Eliminate Oppression (Pt. 1)
Week 6 How to Minimize Prejudice and Eliminate Oppression (Pt. 2)
Week 7 Race, Ethnicity and Racism
Week 8 Socio-Economic Class and Classism
Week 9 Collaboration & Strategizing: What's a Common Issue in Your Community?
Week 10 Friends, Family & Colleagues Interview Presentations
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