Seacoast Mask Makers Collection Hubs

We are a volunteer organization and our materials all come from donations. If you would like to use Seacoast Mask Makers materials to make masks, there is an expectation that your masks will be returned to a hub for distribution. Do no use our materials to fulfill personal requests.

Our hubs are contactless and you do not need to coordinate with the hub owner before coming by. Pick up what you need and drop off your masks when you are done! We will distribute to places in need around the Seacoast area.

We are also taking in material donations at the hubs! We have runners than can do pick ups and drop offs if you cannot do it yourself.

Note - Call / text Javi if you have questions about the process (207-899-9820)

Area 1 // DOVER, NH
Downtown - 74 Portland Ave (side porch) - Javi (207-899-9820)

Area 1 // DURHAM, NH
4 Pinecrest Ln - Jen P (603-232-9018)

5 Adams Ave - Jen S (603-285-1143) - Text is preferred

Area 2 // YORK, ME
11 Creation Lane

Area 3 // EXETER, NH
18 Union St - Beth (603-591-3871)

Area 3 // STRATHAM, NH
6 Spring Creek Lane - Alexis (978-873-5893)

156 Exeter Rd (Rte 88) - Wendy (603-817-4120)

Area 5 // BARRINGTON, NH (Open 9am-9pm)
71 Castlerock Rd - Rae (603 973 2133) Text is preferred
(Tan home, look for millwheel and 71 ENSLIN sign)

19 Crimson Ln - Paula (603-948-2581)

Area 7 // BERWICK, ME
9 Turbini Lane - Catherine (207-715-1070)
(House is in front of basketball hoop drop items off under deck)

Area 7 // ELIOT, ME
2077 State Rd (Rt 103) - Lisa (207-332-5444)

8 Lowell Rd - Shayla (603-303-8050)

>>>> Dropping off masks? Please make bundles of tens (you can use fabric scraps!) <<<<<
>>>> Dropping off fabric? please label if washed or unwashed <<<<<

Areas with hubs
We're always looking for people to assist with things other than making masks. If you'd like to volunteer please fill out the form below
NOTE - There is no need to sign up to make masks.

Secure (from elements) location where people can drop off and pick without having to personally meet you, we recommend to have large plastic containers one for masks, one for supplies drop off, one for pick up. No need to be present, but might receive calls or texts. You will also be responsible for counting and sorting masks every day, as well as material inventory.

You will pick up and drop off supplies to / from volunteers and back to donation hubs as needed. Coordinators will reach out and will let you know what's needed, but feel free to assist on the group if someone is looking for pick ups or deliveries you can move it to a collection hub.

Wash fabric in high heat, then iron and cut to size (one or more of these).

We have 7 areas and trying to keep them so that runners don't have to drive for more than 15-20 mins.

We will contact you to confirm your participation. THANK YOU!!!!

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