2019 WAC Experience Student Survey
Please let us know about your 2019 WAC experience.
How much time did you spend preparing for your Formal Presentation & action plan? *
Did you have enough time to prepare for the WAC event day? *
Did you use any of the research provided under the SDG's from the WAC website? *
Did you contact any of the WAC Community Partners in preparation for your formal presentation? *
How satisfied were you with each of the components of WAC this year? *
1 = Very dissatisfied 5 = Very satisfied
Location (Tivoli Turnhalle)
Global Awareness Quiz Preparations
Collaborative Question Preparations
Formal Presentation Experience
Keynote Speaker (Mandy Manning)
Food (Bagels & Pizza Party)
How many years have you participated in the World Affairs Challenge? *
Would you consider coming to WAC again next year? *
Were you able to make a plan for local/global action related to your project? *
Do you plan to continue to work with (in the future) the community you engaged with for your solution to your challenge? *
Any overall feedback for the event?
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Would you like WAC to contact your school next year (even if you change schools) to bring a team to the 2019 World Affairs Challenge? *
If you answered "yes" to the question above, please enter the name of the school you plan to attend next year:
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