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The Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming and the Cornell Small Farms Program have teamed up in a column called “Lessons from the Land.” Submissions of 400 – 800 words may be submitted online here. We will publish only nonfiction submissions. Feel free to submit your name, farm name, city and state or submit your piece as “anonymous” if it allows you to be more honest. For topics, deadlines, previous submissions and more information please visit: http://groundswellcenter.org/lessons-from-the-land/
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If your submission is published, you will receive an annual subscription to the Cornell Small Farms Quarterly.
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Feel free to submit your work under "Name Withheld" if it allows you to be more honest. Occasionally we will choose not to publish an author's name, or will use only a first name and last initial, if we have privacy concerns.
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If you chose Full Name or Initials, please enter how you would like your name to appear here. Include Farm Name, City, State, etc. if you wish that to be included as well.
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Submissions should be 400-800 words. If you would like to include images please email to info@groundswellcenter.org with the subject "Lessons from the Land"
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