KDE PTA School of Excellence End-of-Year Survey April 2021
Please click the box that most accurately expresses how you feel about your experience. Thank you for your feedback.
1. Our school has friendly signs and messages in multiple languages as needed.
2. Our school translates communications and provides interpreters as needed.
3. Our school encourages families to volunteer.
4. Our school shows respect to all families regardless of differences (e.g. age, gender, race, cultural background).
5. Our school communicates with families in multiple ways (e.g. email, phone, website).
6. Our school provides clear, two-way conversations about student progress or needs.
7. Our school helps families understand how they can support their child's learning.
8. Our school involves parents in planning for student transitions (e.g. middle school, high school, post-secondary, careers).
9. Our school uses technology to meet the needs of today's students.
10. Our school includes students as active participants in discussions of expectations and work quality (e.g. parent-teacher conferences).
11. Our school explains the academic standards and how the curriculum is connected to those standards.
12. Our school informs and encourages families to advocate for students at the school, local, state or national level.
13. Our school listens to families' concerns and demonstrates a genuine interest in developing solutions.
14. Our school provides information on family rights and responsibilities under federal and state laws.
15. Our school establishes policies that recognize and respect diversity (e.g. cultural, ethnic, religious, socioeconomic).
16. Our school considers families to be equal partners in decision making (e.g. policy, curricula, budget, safety, personnel).
17. Our school provides families with information on our school improvement plan.
18. Our school distributes information on community resources that serve the needs of families within the community.
19. Our school has partnerships with local businesses, community organizations and service groups to advance student learning, or assist the school or families.
20. Our school is a central part of the community.
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