2020 Gerald H. Elkan Distinguished Lecture Nominations (Class of 2022)
Please nominate candidates for the Park Scholarships' 3rd annual Gerald H. Elkan Distinguished Lectureship!

Candidates should be prominent thought leaders focusing on science and society. Potential speakers can be academics, but they don’t have to be; there are many individuals in industry and other areas of endeavor, who aren’t necessarily scientists themselves, but are closely involved in concepts of science and society. We encourage nominations of individuals who are not currently faculty at NC State University.

Before submitting your nomination, please consider the following:

1. Will this person be a good representative and reflective of the mission of the Gerald H. Elkan Distinguished Lecture? See lecture overview here: https://park.ncsu.edu/the-park-experience/elkan-lecture/
2. Has this person been specifically or broadly involved in scientific research?
3. Will this person be able to address the intersection between science and society?
4. Will this person be able to speak on a unique and thought-provoking topic that bridges these two domains?
5. Will this person be able not only to explain the science but equally be able to address the societal, including ethical, implications/impacts of the particular scientific endeavor?
6. Will this person be able to address the topic from an interdisciplinary perspective?
7. Will this person be able to speak engagingly to a large audience that includes students, faculty, and staff at NC State and the surrounding community?
8. Will this person be willing to remain involved in some capacity with the Park Scholarships or NC State community?
9. Is this person an external speaker, meaning the individual is not currently a faculty member at NC State University?

Nominators must be able to answer YES to all of the above questions for their nominee to be considered.

Nominations will remain open until Monday, September 23. At that time, the most qualified nominees will be narrowed down and presented to the Advisory Committee.
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