Ship Order Form v2.0
Order Form Usage
This form is designed to be used to make orders for one ship type at a time.

If you wanted to build 4x Revelations and 1x Moros you would need to complete this form twice...once for the Revelation build, and once for the Moros.
What is your in-game character name? *
What corp does this user belong to? (please enter corp ticker) *
What alliance does this user belong to? (please enter alliance ticker)
What are you wanting us to build? *
How many ships are we going to build for you? *
Which Ship are we going to build for you? *
As a convenience we can fuel your capital ship with 200k units of the appropriate fuel ( for a nominal fee ). Do you want us to fuel your ship for you? *
Is this a rush order?
Terms and Conditions
But pressing submit you agree to the following.

1. We typically build ships in batches of 10. We will fit your order into the next available build slot. Rush orders are slotted into the next available batch, which may push normal orders back. Rush orders will put a user behind the first available rush build slot.

2. All costs for fuel are passed directly to the user.

3. If you want to cancel an order that you submitted in error please contact Flawless1987 or Arturus Ovaert in game.

4. Once the build has completed we will create a contract for you to complete. Unless otherwise arranged, your ships will be picked up at the NPC station in ANKA ( Anka I - Amarr Constructions Production Plant )

5. Contracts not completed after 30 days may result in ships being re-allocated.
Do you agree with the Terms and Conditions? *
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