Healthy Food Access in Southern Dallas: Questionnaire to Map Existing Resources
The Caruth Foundation and the State Fair of Texas Foundation need your expertise to identify the organizations and people that supply healthy food to the residents of Southern Dallas. The information you provide will be used to create a publicly accessible asset map that will be updated and refined over time. The goal of the asset map is to better understand the healthy food access ecosystem to guide planning and possible collaborations in this space. Please set aside 20 minutes to complete this survey, and add as many organizations or people as you can, even if you do not have complete information for every field. Thank you for your help!
Please select to add an Organization or an Individual. *
This survey aims to capture small and large organizations, as well as individuals, who work towards increasing healthy food access in Southern Dallas. Select "Organization" to submit information about an initiative, business, non-profit, or event organizer. To supply information about individuals who are involved in healthy food access, such as community leaders and advocates, please select "Individual." Information about individuals will not be placed on the publicly accessible map, but will help create a more comprehensive understanding of stakeholders in the healthy food access ecosystem. You will also have an opportunity to indicate whether an individual would like to be contacted by a relevant organization.
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