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The purpose of this form is to ensure that we have proper approval and complete inventory of all Digital Resources that are used throughout the Cannon Falls School District whether it be used by Students or by Teachers/Coaches that may capture student progress.  The Student Data Privacy Law was put in place starting the 2022-2023 School year; we are required by law to post all Digital Resources such as software, apps, websites, extensions and online tools that our District utilizes which involve our students; directly or indirectly.   Cannon Falls School District is committed to protecting the privacy of each student.

Please review the current 2023-2024 Digital Resource Inventory Directory that is posted on our School Website under the District Office/Annual Notices menu.  If there are any digital tools that you utilize that is not included in the current listing, we need you to complete this form.  Note, links to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service is required so that it can be reviewed to ensure that the resource is age appropriate for the student base it will be used for, in addition to, what information is collected, if any. The submissions will then be reviewed by Administration (Principals, Superintendent or Director of Community Ed)  and then forwarded to IT to be added to the Resource Inventory Directory along with Company Portal.

This form should be used for all new requests as the same process must be followed to ensure compliance with the Student Data Privacy Act.
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This can typically be found at the bottom of the resources webpage. Note any data that is used or retained.
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This can typically be found at the bottom of the resources webpage. Note the age group that the resource is intended for and if there are any requirements such as Parental Consent, etc.
Note the cost of the digital resource.  If it is free, please note none. *
Application Owner
The application owner would be the primary contact on "how to" user questions and is knowledgeable about how the product works from a user perspective.
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