jTask CCMP Training Course - Sample Quiz (16)
These questions are a selection from the quizzes that students complete during the jTask CCMP Training Course. As part of the course students complete over 110 questions about the ACMP Standard for Change Management and Code of Ethics to prepare them for the CCMP exam. Allow ~25 minutes for this Quiz. Allocate 1 min 12 sec per question, this is the amount of time you will have for the actual CCMP exam question. Good Luck.
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What needs to be assessed as part of Change Impact Assessment? *
The purpose of Develop the Sponsorship Strategy is to create a high-level approach for preparing and leveraging the sponsors to promote, gain support for, and drive adoption of a change. Which Change Management Role is responsible for the Sponsorship strategy? *
What part of the Sustainability strategy does rewards and recognition embed in the organization? *
Change is managed at both the organizational and individual levels. Which of the following Change is managed at an organizational level? *
What are Accountable Sponsors required to do? *
Finish the sentence, “Organizational Alignment and Change Management Alignment is an important element of successful change initiatives Leaders must have … *
What does Learning Capabilities assessment focus on? *
When does a dip in performance due to an individual’s normal reaction to change occur? *
What level of detail should the Change Management Plan reflect? *
What is the stated purpose of the Evaluate Change Impact and Organizational Readiness process? *
What should the Case for Change include? *
How does Execute the Change Management Plan address the implementation processes for performing the change activities? *
You work for IT, helping customer support to implement a new social media platform. You met with Customer Support and told them that you have a conflict of interest because your partner is the new social media company’s VP Sales. What ACMP Ethical Standard Duty were you fulfilling? *
What should the Measurement and Benefit Realization Plan include? *
Which of the following roles is created to support stakeholders’ results? *
How should the transfer of ownership from change resources to stakeholder operational resources be evidenced? *
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