Whole Washington Funding Survey
Whole Washington is bringing a Universal Healthcare initiative to ballot in 2018. We are including funding so that when it passes it can move forward quickly. There are several choices for revenue sources, but we need feedback from voters to inform our decision. Please share with any WA residents who want healthcare (hint: everyone you know). There are some questions for business owners or those with access to company financials - if that means you please (it would be so appreciated) be prepared to report what percentage of your company's payroll is spent on healthcare coverage. Thank you for your help! For questions or comments email info@wholewashington.org
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3. Household Income
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5. Do you always vote?
6. Do you plan on voting in 2018?
7. Would universal healthcare ballot initiative make you more likely to vote?
8. Would you prefer an additional 1% sales tax or a new 1% income tax?
(A new income tax is permitted under our state constitution as long as all residents are taxed at the same rate. Many residents may believe otherwise, but the legislature is aware of this and tried unsuccessfully last year to make it against the law to impose an income tax).
9. Did you pay long term capital gains income tax in 2017?
10. Would you support a 10% Capital Gains and partnership income tax replacing out of pocket costs and lower or no cost premiums?
11. If you own a business or know the financials of your employer, what % of payroll is spent on providing health, dental and vision insurance (combined)? If you don't know, enter NA
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12. Would you support an additional 10% payroll tax on WA state employers? This would replace any expenses related to health, dental and vision coverage currently.
13. Are you worried about the impact a universal healthcare bill would have on the insurance market, even if the initiative includes 2+ years of worker retraining funding.
Would you be willing to participate in a more detailed survey at a later date?
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