Anime fan- Archetype discovery
Please, answer this all the questions. You shouldn't think too hard. Just follow your instinct. That way the true nature can unveil. You have to watch anime like Naruto, Attack on Titan and Death Note to properly answer the following questions.
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A1. Naruto as a child was quite alone. What do you think about that?
A2. Jiraiya aka pervy sage likes to do various perverted acts. Do you think it’s appropriated for a hero character?
A3. Gaara always had a difficult time making friends even after he became “kazekage” it still was difficult for him. If u were in his place, would that bother u?
A4. Naruto is quite stubborn and always tries to go to fight first and finish it all by himself. What do u think about that?
A5. During Third Shinobi World War, Jiraiya would take care of little Nagato who would later become Lord Pain. Tsunade was opposed to the idea. Orichimaru wanted to kill them as an act of mercy. Who was right?
A6. Itcahi Uchiha decided to slaughter his clan to prevent war. He puts needs of many over the need of few. Would you do the same?
B1. In AOT “Armin Arlert” always wanted to explore beyond the wall even before the Titan attack. What do you think about that?
B2. Eren Jaegar wanted to destroy the Titan and bring about a change despite his shortcomings. Mikasa wanted to protect him because she was a better fighter and Armen wanted to follow strategic plans. What do you think about that?
B3. Mikasa always loved Eren however, circumstances made it difficult for her to express her feelings. What would you do if you were in her place?
B4. The 3d maneuver gear used in AOT is considered practical by many. What do you think?
C1. The character Ryuk in Death Note claims that he came to earth simply to have fun. What do you think about that?
C2. “L” was quite a mysterious character, who wanted to capture Kira. He used many bizarre method to do that. What do you think he wanted to do?
C3. Light Yagami wanted to become the God of the new world. What do you think about that?
C4. If you use any Death Note you would be send to nothingness. If that was not the case and you were given a death note, what would you do?
D1. From 0 to 10 how sexist do you think anime usually are?
D2. From 0 to 10 how appropriate do you think anime like Naruto is for children?
D3. From 0 to 10 how much would you rate the influence of anime in your life?
D4. From 0 to 10 how far do you think anime popularity will rise in the World?
E1. Do you like to travel a lot?
E2. Is there anything about your childhood that you wish to change?
E3. Do you consider yourself a leader?
E4. If you were locked in a fortified prison for a year, how would you spend your time?
E5. If somebody insulted you what would be your primary response?
E6. Are you in a relationship right now?
E7. How many friends do you think you have?
E8. Do you prefer arrange marriage or love marriage?
E9. Are you fully satisfied with where you are now?
E10. Rate how much of this present world would you like to change from 0 to 10
E11. Rate how much time do you spend on studying daily from 0 to 10
E12. Rate from 0 to 10 how much do you spend daily on money earning activities like tuitions
E13. What do you think about beggars?
E14. How do you see your spiritual aspect?
E15. If you have to picture yourself as an anime character, which one of this would be the right representative? (Only for male)
E16. If you have to picture yourself as an anime character, which one of this would be the right representative? (Only for female)
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