Tularcitos Student Survey
Please take a few minutes to help the adults at Tularcitos understand how to help make our school a better place for you to learn and grow. Your answers are very important, so please answer honestly! There are no right or wrong answers. Everyone will have different answers to these questions, depending on his/her different experiences. Thank you for your time and ideas!
What grade are you in?
I enjoy what I am learning in school.
The things I’m learning in school challenge me to think hard.
The things my teachers ask me to do require me to work hard.
The things I am learning in school are important.
I care about how well I do in school.
I get the support I need to be successful in school.
My teachers care about me.
My teachers believe in me.
There is at least one adult on campus that I trust and feel comfortable talking to when I have a problem.
I care about how my actions impact others.
Students at Tularcitos treat each other with respect.
Students at Tularcitos care about each other.
Students at Tularcitos make an effort to include others.
Students at Tularcitos take responsibility for their actions.
Students at Tularcitos care about our school.
Students at Tularcitos care about the environment.
I look forward to coming to school.
My classmates make coming to school fun.
My classmates help me to learn.
My classmates care about my feelings and opinions.
Students at Tularcitos welcome me to play with them or hang out with them.
Students at Tularcitos tease me or make fun of me.
I am bullied at Tularcitos.
Adults at Tularcitos teach me how to be a person of character.
I try to make the day better for others.
I am my best self when I am at Tularcitos.
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