Monster Hunter Gathering Hall: Manager Application
This form is for applying for various positions on the Monster Hunter Gathering Hall. All positions (unless otherwise stated) run for an introductory term of 1 month. If a user performs the position well (as judged by moderators), they can be kept on for longer and/or for as long as they desire.

Event Manager - This position is in charge of creating organizing various events on the server, such as weekly contests or other group activities.

Community Relations Manager - This position is in charge of improving the relationship between MHGH and other non-Discord communities, bringing news between the two, and acting as a representative of each community to the other.

Social Media Manager - This position is in charge of managing a social media account, such as Twitter (@MHGatheringHall) or Steam (MonHunGatheringHall), for MHGH. This includes making regular updates and promoting the server.
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