Qoopy Application for Waiting List
What is the name of your special chicken companion?
First name and Surname of your chicken
What is your little plucky pal's favorite color?
Does your downy chum have any quirks or ticks that might alienate the other residents? *
How many chickens are in your family?
Well, How many?
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How does your tufted comrade express emotion?
Be candid please. A good experience with Qoopy is based on mutual trust.
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If you answered 'Other' to the above question, please elaborate here.
Qoopy knows this can be hard. Please, be gentle with yourself.
What time of day does your chicken feel emotion? *
Most chickens will have an upswell of annoyance or elation at some point during the day. Record emotion and its duration.
Please let us know the number of hours per day your special buddy likes to sleep at night.
1 hour
10 hours
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Chicken Biography
Please summarize your clucky chum's accomplishments here. Including a headshot for our review board is very helpful, but not required.
At what email address does your chicken receive correspondence?
If you'd like a shout out on twitter, share your chicken's twitter handle.
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