Maryland HIMSS Committee Membership Guidelines and Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time to become a member of one of the Maryland Health Information and Management Systems Society (Maryland HIMSS) Committees. We appreciate the evident enthusiasm and contributions we know you will bring to this team. Your commitment to volunteer ultimately leads to the success of our HIMSS chapter and the value we bring to all of our members. As an HIMSS member, we know you understand that all of our members deserve and expect opportunities for education, engagement, and networking.

The Maryland Chapter of HIMSS is committed to offering its members a wide array of educational, advocacy, and networking events in support of our mission which optimizes health engagements and care outcomes through the use of health information technology (HIT). We strive to add value for healthcare professionals by providing our members with the opportunity to participate in leadership-building and information-sharing activities as well as engage with subject matter experts to keep abreast of both Maryland specific and national health care and HIT priorities.
Committee Membership Guidelines
We know each member selected to join our team will bring unique talents, skills, and experiences that collectively contribute to the overall goals and success of our team. Because of your expressed interest to serve on this team, we want to ensure we have a mutual understanding of expectations regarding your commitment this team such that you are realistically able to meet them. We believe the expectation of commitment is both to the Chair and Vice-Chair as well as to your valued peer team members to whom we all must be accountable to achieve success. As such, our guidelines for committee membership are as follows:

Team Calls – Because your contributions are unique and valued, we request that all team members attend at least 75% of our team planning calls. To ensure continuity in your valuable input to our team, you will be provided materials from calls you cannot attend and you are expected to provide feedback by way of email to the Chair and Vice-Chair prior to the next call.

Team Tasks – As you might know, events require much planning, coordination of resources, and timely completion of tasks. While you may be asked to volunteer for a specific task you, may also be asked to carry out a specific task due to the unique value and skill you bring to the team. These tasks will be discussed and collaboratively assigned during our calls so it is important that you review minutes and be prepared to provide a status update on each call for all tasks you have agreed to take upon as an assignment. If at any time you are unable to carry out an assigned task for any reason, we expect you to immediately communicate this to the Chair so alternative arrangements can be made and the success of an event is not compromised.

Event Attendance – Team members are expected to attend those on which they have agreed to serve in a lead role. We understand you have other obligations and we must balance that across our team, yet we must ensure we have enough scheduled resources to successfully conduct each event. For that reason, if you are unable to attend an event you are required to notify in advance as far as possible the Chair and Vice-Chair.

Team Commitment – While we appreciate you are volunteering your time and talents, we ask that you provide notice to the Chair immediately if you are no longer able to realistically fulfill your team commitment. In order to ensure we deliver on the expectation of all of our Maryland Chapter members and all contributing program planning team members, the Chair and Vice-Chair at their discretion may determine that a member is not delivering upon their commitment to the team and a discussion will ensue with that team member to determine if he/she should relinquish their program planning team role.
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