Audition Procedure for Performing Groups
CMEA 2020 Clinic/Conference - January 22-25, 2020

Teachers and conductors of all performing groups submitting applications MUST BE CURRENT MEMBERS OF NAƒME/CMEA. If your membership is not current you must go to the NAƒME website at and renew or become a member of NAƒME and CMEA. Once you have completed the membership process you must print out a copy of the receipt and include this along with your application. Please note that if your group is selected, you will be expected to register for the Clinic/Conference as well.

Groups that performed at the 2018 or 2019 Clinic/Conference are not eligible.

To complete the application process directors must complete the online form including an upload of a quality recording of your ensemble’s performance with the online application (mp3 preferred), and mail a purchased copy of each score performed on the recording (with any/all school or director identification removed) along with the signature page (which can be downloaded from or to: Kevin Beaber, CMEA President, 320 W 2nd Street, Ordway, CO 81063. Online application will be closed and scores must be postmarked by May 29, 2019. Audition materials should be mailed first class to ensure timely arrival. Directors wishing to hand-deliver audition materials to Kevin Beaber have until 5:00 PM on May 29, 2019 to bring them to the above address. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Original scores must be submitted with application, photo copies of published scores will not be accepted. Groups performing original material or arrangements may submit handwritten manuscripts provided appropriate copyright permissions have been obtained and documentation is enclosed. Directors wishing to submit ePrint scores should contact Kevin Beaber as to the process for verifying the validity. All selections must be unedited. Any deviation from the original score must include written authorization from the copyright holder. If these procedures are not followed, the application will be disqualified.

Recordings must include a minimum of two and a maximum of three selections. In all cases, the recordings must come from the current school year. Wide musical variety should be illustrated. If the group involves visual material and the director feels it would be beneficial, a video recording may be submitted. All recordings must be clean, unidentifiable, contain no banners or the school or group name in any written manner, and contain no speaking that might identify the group or director. Please note: this will be the only opportunity for groups to audition for the 2020 Clinic/Conference.

The director of the group submitting the recording must remain the director if the group is selected. If there is a change of directors, the group will be disqualified and the first alternate will be invited in their place.

It is important that you report accurate group numbers as performance venues are based on group size.

You must bring the same ensemble that you submit. Example: If you submit your 2018-2019 8th grade ensemble you must bring your 2019-2020 8th grade ensemble. You may not invite members who helped make the recording and have moved on to another school.

Only one group per director is allowed to perform at the Clinic/Conference. Should a director submit more than one recording that is recommended for performance, the director shall be asked to choose which group will perform.

All performing groups are auditioned on a strictly anonymous and impartial basis by panels of music educators who serve as adjudicators. Quality of performance, literature displayed, and the potential contribution to the entire content of the Clinic/Conference program will be the determining factors in the final selections.

Performing group photos: The professional photos taken of each group at the Clinic/Conference will be published in the spring issue to honor all groups chosen. Directors do not need to submit photos.

IMPORTANT: Scores will be returned IF a self-addressed mailing envelope with sufficient postage is included with the audition submission. Scores may also be picked up at the conference. After that scores will be discarded.

Notifications will be issued by the President of CMEA prior to June 30, 2019 via the email provided by the director.

Only one piano will be provided in a performance area. Any requests for additional pianos will not be honored.

Failure to adhere to any of these guidelines will be grounds for disqualification from the audition process.

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