Japan Summer 2018 Trip Interest Survey

We had such an amazing time in The Galapagos last year I have decided to offer another fun filled, educational, international trip. This time, Japan! Explore Japan’s chaotic neon-filled capital and sample a traditional tempura dinner, race on a bullet train to Kyoto to visit the Kinkakuji Temple and watch a Kimono show, then tour Osaka’s 16th century castle and eat a traditional Okonomiyaki dinner. The trip is 8 days long from June 25-July 2. International travel is the best way to open your heart and mind to the world. I learned more about myself in my international travel than all my years at school.

This trip is not just for students but for ALL family members. Parents and siblings of all ages are welcome! Seniors that are graduating this year are welcome as well. Even family friends and extended family members.

This is a survey to determine the level of interest for this amazing, once in a lifetime, life changing experience before we go to official sign ups. No purchase necessary at this time. No commitment at this time. We are just gauging the level of interest.

Visit https://www.explorica.com/educational-tours/tokyo-kyoto-and-osaka.aspx for detailed info and pricing. The earlier we sign up the cheaper it is. If we can get at least 6 travelers this trip will be a go! My contact at Explorica tells me we can get a $200 discount up until the holiday season! There will be opportunity for fundraising. As well they offer payment plans.

I have traveled to 13 countries including India (twice!), Thailand, Loas, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and more. I love international travel and feel very comfortable in foreign settings. My studies in Humanities at Fort Lewis opened my eyes to the wonders of the world outside of our own country. I have both traveled with schools as a student and led student trips.

"We work one-on-one with teachers to create incredible educational tours that meet their specific needs and budget. All Explorica tours are fully inclusive and expertly designed to immerse participants in the local culture while introducing them to the people, places and experiences that make each destination unique.

Explorica is committed to enriching students through educational travel, and that means helping teachers extend the opportunity to as many students as possible. In addition to offering the guaranteed best prices in educational travel, we also provide scholarships, need-based financial assistance, and a variety of resources to ensure that every student is able to join their classmates on the trip of a lifetime."

"The Galapagos trip was surely one to remember. It is an experience I would be super proud to tell my own children about if they asked me what the best summer I ever had was.

All of the people from the guides to the students attending were super welcoming and accepting. The guides were helpful and informational, making the whole trip not just an amazing time, but an educational one at that.

The students were all interested in learning new things and very willing to step outside of their comfort zones in order to accomplish that. The connections I made on this trip still last today, as the people I met still keep in close contact with me. All of the students that I talk to say they will always remember their summer and that it was such an amazing time in their lives. The parents were all super kind and didn’t show any signs of stress in which would be completely understandable given they were managing excitable kids in a foreign country.

All of the teachers and staff involved did a great job at planning the whole trip as it ran smoothly without any error that would leave us in an uncomfortable situation.

The trip as a whole was an amazing opportunity that I would gladly do again and by far recommend to every person that is considering."

Dusty Grannis :: Animas High School
Tel: (970) 247-2474 | x2309

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