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Below are some questions that will help the Ace of Diamonds Marketing team with information about your business that is essential to the success of our marketing efforts. The better we know your business, your goals, brand, and target audience, the better we can help you get new customers. Please take a few minutes to fill out this form, ideally prior to our kickoff meeting.
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What do you aim to achieve with Ace of Diamonds? What are you hopes and expectations?
What is your brand voice? What emotions do you hope to convey through your brand’s visuals and messaging?
What makes your business concept different? Or What makes you unique?
Business Strengths? Weaknesses? If new, what do you think they may be starting out? (List both here)
What have you tried in marketing that has worked?
And what have you tried that has NOT worked as well as expected?
What in-house specials or promotions do you currently feature that we should be aware of? (i.e. daily events such as happy hour, "Wine Wednesdays" or "Whiskey Thursdays", etc.) Please be specific.
Where do you currently spend your marketing dollars?
What marketing do you feel has or could work for you? Please explain.
Do you use email marketing?
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If yes, how frequently do you send email communication to your list?
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How big is your email list?
Top Competitors in the Area (please list)
Think about the demographics of your target customer. Geographic area, age ranges, related industries, Zip Codes help if you serve a specific areas. Other helpful Demographics can include, age bracket, gender, profession, income levels, and any helpful information that you will believe help the campaign, please enter below.
Who's your target audience? Primary, secondary?
How would you describe your ideal customer?
What do they love most about you? Hate?
What are their interests?
What part of the market do you think you are missing? or Who do you think should be frequenting your business but isn't?
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Is there anything we need to know that we have not asked about that you believe would be helpful for us to know as your marketing partner?
Are you or your office okay to receive occasional gifts / client bonus packages? *
Do you have any personal or office-enforced food allergies? If so, to what food(s)?
Please provide a good shipping address either personal or commercial
Thank you for giving us your parameters, our marketing specialists will use this information to provide you the results you are looking for. Welcome to the family!
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