You register with this form for the World Pong League Pong Experience with Post Malone

The rules:
- Please fill out the form truthfully and completely.
- Deadline for the allocation WPL PONG EXPERIENCE WITH POST MALONE will be July 1, 2021.
- We will take a snapshot of all $FYZNFT holders at an unspecified time on that day.
- The lucky person is determined in a verifiably fair manner using a randomized integral dataset. The TXN hash of this transaction will act as verification: (https://etherscan.io/block/countdown/12750000)
- Legitimacy will be verified via a personal contact and a confirmation transaction from and to the chosen wallet to exclude fraud.
- To participate in this drop you must fill out this form. Wallets that hold $FYZNFT tokens but do not fill out this form will NOT participate in this drop.
- Fraud attempts will be sanctioned with exclusion from all future Fyooz drops.
- With your participation you accept all terms & conditions of Fyooz.

Team Fyooz
Wallet address on which you hold your 50 $FYZNFT Tokens. *
In the event that you are the one who gets the WPL PONG EXPERIENCE WITH POST MALONE, how would you like to be contacted? *
Please enter your contact information here, according to the previously selected contact channel. (Telegram handle, Email, Twitter...) *
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