2021-22 LCAP Parent Survey
The LCAP is our plan that describes Garvey/Allen Academy's vision and goals for Achiever success.  The information gathered from this survey will help us to create our plan. We are required to gather input from students, teachers, parents and community members to determine the goals, actions and budget priorities for our school.  The LCAP is a three year plan that needs to be reviewed every year. Please take a few moments to give your input to this process.

Garvey/Allen Academy values input from all stakeholders, especially parents/guardians.  Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and provide us with your input regarding your Achiever's school.  All questions are optional and may be left blank if you decline to answer.

This survey will be available from May 10, 2022 to May13, 2022.
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What is your relationship to Garvey/Allen Academy? *
My child(ren) is(are) enrolled in the following grade(s):Check all that apply *
My child participates in the following programs: *
My child's ethnicity is: *
GOAL 1:  Garvey/Allen will increase student achievement in ELA and Math as measured by CAASPP. *
Strongly Agree
No Opinion
Strongly Disagree
My child's school provides a quality education that focuses on the academic success of each child.
My child's school offers supports that help my child to be academically successful.
My child's school provides a variety of activities for my child.
My child's school promotes academic success for all students.
My child's school offers effective supports for English Learners.
My child's school offers activities that prepare my child for college. (Ex. Project-based learning, college readiness activities, STEM)).
My child's school offers activities that prepare my child for careers. (Ex. Career Awareness Activities, Project-based learning, etc.)
My child's school offers intervention for my child when they are struggling (Ex. Office Hours/Tutoring, etc.)
GOAL 2: Garvey/Allen will ensure the social emotional well-being of all students so they can access and engage in the opportunities available. *
Strongly Agree
No opinion
Strongly Disagree
My child's school focuses on improving student attendance.
My child feels safe and connected to his/her school.
My child's school treats all students with respect.
My child's school enforces school rules equally for my child and all students.
My child's school is a safe place.
My child's school offers social-emotional supports for my child.
GOAL 3:  Garvey/Allen will ensure that all students, parents, guardians, and stakeholders are actively engaged in the school community as measured by events, surveys, and meeting minutes. *
Strongly Agree
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Strongly Disagree
My child's school seeks parent input.
I feel welcome to participate in activities at my child's school.
My child's school keeps me well-informed about school activities.
My child's school offers helpful parent education workshops and opportunities.
I rely on phone-calls and texts for information about my child's school.
I rely on emails for information about my child's school.
I rely on the school website for information about my child's school.
Since the beginning of the school year, I have (or another adult in our household has): *
How can we improve our supports for students including English Learners, Foster Youth, and/or Low-Income students?
What unique needs do you feel that students will have when they return to campus in the fall?
Not including the Chromebook that Garvey/Allen provides my Achiever(s), my child has access to another device in the home to use for school work. *
We have adequate internet access in our home. *
We have to find "Hot Spot" locations, like Starbucks to access the internet. *
Will you need After School Care for your Achiever in the upcoming school year? *
If we do not have After School Program on Fridays due to mandatory Professional Development, will you be able to find transportation for your Achiever(s)? *
What time do you need the After School Program to end? *
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