Spring Break Trip 2019 to Washington DC
March 1-3, (Friday 3:30pm to Sunday 10pm)

-- See the Capital, White House, Lincoln Memorial and other monuments and the Smithsonian Museum, plus free time to choose to see the original US Constitution or The Library of Congress or The Bible Museum or many other options.
-- Stay 2 nights in an American home, attend a church service in Virginia on Sunday morning, travel through Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.
-- A great experience. Lots of fun & photos.

WHO: ALL international PSU students & scholars & spouses are welcome. (Sorry, no children under 18 years).
All faiths and religions are welcome. Vegetarians are welcome too.

COST: $30. covers transportation, housing (free).
Plus bring money for meals eaten while traveling or museums entrance fees. Most museums are free in Washington DC.
PAY: To Walt Johnston. Via Venmo (it is owned by Paypal, it is safe), check, or cash.
REGISTER & PAY to reserve your seat!

Led by Walter & Sue Johnston and Garret White.
Sponsored by International Christian Fellowship, www.IMPSU.org

Walt 814.404.8116, WMJ1@psu.edu

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-- PLEASE READ ---- In participating in this activity, I personally assume full responsibility for my actions (and of my accompanying family members), and release the staff and agents of International Christian Fellowship (ICF), Coalition for Christian Outreach, and associated organizations and churches from responsibility for any loss, injury, or damage to myself, my family or my property, provided such persons shall act with reasonable care for the safety of me and my property. Should any dispute or controversy arise, I agree to seek resolution according to Biblical principles through Christian Conciliation Services.
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