Parent Syllabus Agreement for Spanish 1 Fall 2022 Period 2
Directions: Please you the digital "Syllabus" to complete these questions. Although this is a 'Quiz' format, you will not be graded on your score, but rather on the completion of the form.
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Syllabus Review Questions
Look at the screenshots of the Spanish 1 Syllabus and answer the following questions.
Grading Scale
1.  A student is allowed to retake a "Regular Grammar" quiz. *
1 point
2. What is the time frame for a quiz retake (no retakes for vocabulary quizzes or Unit Tests)? *
1 point
3.  Late work may be submitted after we've completed a Unit of study. *
1 point
4. The Midterm/Final Exams are worth 50% of my total grade *
1 point
5. If a student has earned an 89.7%, the teacher will automatically round up the grade to 90%. *
1 point
Make-up policy
6. If a student is absent due to illness/quarantine they are exempt from completing any missing work. *
1 point
7. Students that are absent may make up missing quizzes/tests/oral presentations within 7 days of the absence. *
1 point
8.  Srta. Dávalos posts all assignments in Google Classroom. *
1 point
Tardy Policy
9. After a student is tardy a 2nd time, Saturday School will be assigned. *
1 point
ROAR Support
10.  What day of the week is designated for 3rd period, Spanish 1 ROAR Support (Priority Period)? *
1 point
11.  What day of the week is designated for 2nd period, Spanish 1 ROAR Support (Priority Period)? *
1 point
12.  What day of the week is designated for 1st period, Spanish 1 ROAR Support (Priority Period)? *
1 point
Cell Phones
13.  Using a cellphone without first asking Srta. Dávalos is okay. *
1 point
14. My cell phone may be taken away and taken to the office for parental pickup ONLY after Srta. Dávalos has given me a formal verbal waring.  This means she redirected me various times (during class) and had to take my phone away.  She did speak with me and returned it at the end of the period.  *
1 point
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