MineLounge Staff Application
Thank you for wanting to apply for staff on the MineLounge Network! Please answer a few questions in detail in order for you to have the best chance of being accepted on to the staff team! Please do not ask anyone to read your staff application, it may take a while for one of our staff members to get to it. We will give a response to your application within 1-3 days.

If you end up being ACCEPTED, you will be PM'd on discord and be asked to join Team Speak to do an additional staff interview to further tell us your skill level and your knowledge as a staff member.

- Must be over 14 years of age to apply.
- Must have a working and decent microphone.
- Must not have been denied/demoted less than 14 days ago.
- You are not allowed to apply if you are staff on another server.
- Must be an active member of the MineLounge Network community and have a positive reputation.
- You must be in the MineLounge Discord - minelounge.org/discord

- Make sure to add enough detail and use proper grammar.
- Don't ask the staff to read your application or it will be denied.
- Make sure you are in the MineLounge Discord
- Make sure you meet all the requirements.
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