computer people problems
I recently came to the realization that most of my best coaching engagements have been with software engineers. As such, I'm thinking of specializing down into this niche.

Your input here would help me to plan my next move - please feel very free to answer even just one of these questions, thanks so much in advance 🙏
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How would you refer to yourself in casual conversation? 
What are your biggest challenges right now? 

(Anything - work or personal, specific or general) 
What solutions have you already tried to solve your problems?

What did or didn’t work about them?
What do you know about "coaching?" (Including negative stuff like stereotypes & criticisms!) 

What appeals or repels you about "coaching" as a genre? 

If (and only if) you want me to contact you about any of this stuff, please leave your name & email address 
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