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Thank you for your interest in BiteScis! We are so excited to be launching our evaluation effort. Please take a minute or two to complete the questions below and please feel free to forward to anyone you think might be interested, as well. We will be in touch soon with next steps.
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When do you anticipate covering evolution in the 2019-2020 school year? *
Have you ever pilot tested lesson plans for an outside organization before and/or been involved in evaluation of curriculum? *
If so, please briefly describe your experience below.
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Do you feel confident that you will be able to secure any necessary permissions from your school/district to participate in our study? BiteScis will be providing parental consent forms for your students and an informational sheet for you to share with your supervisors. *
If you have any questions or comments about securing permissions from your school/district please note them below:
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Ideally, we'd like the pre test, 2–3 of our lessons, and post-test to be administered within a consecutive 10-day period. Do you think that will be possible for you to do in the coming year? *
If you have any questions or comments about administration of the evaluations please note them below:
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Please look at our evolution lessons at and rank your order of interest (1 is first pick/greatest interest; 8 is last pick/least interest). *
Antibiotic Resistance and Bacterial Evolution
Convergent Evolution in Animal Locomotion
Evidence of Evolution: Homologous Gene Expression in Four Mammal Species
Evolution and E. coli: Natural Selection in a Constant Environment
Evolution and Health: What is a Mismatch Disease?
From Gene to Disease: Sickle Cell Anemia
HIV: Sequencing and Common Ancestry
Trends in Evolution: Convergence and Divergence
Beyond this evaluation study, we also are always looking for teachers to Beta Test our lessons and provide feedback. If you are interested in Beta Testing, please indicate so below and if there is a specific lesson you would like to beta test, please note that as well. We will provide a $25 Amazon card to the first two educators who complete the Beta Test survey (which we will email to you) for a lesson tagged "Beta Test me!" on our website.
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Do you have ideas for how we can spread the word about BiteScis? We want to get our lessons into as many classrooms as we can!
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