Oral History through Theatre Training (For High School Students)
Mandala Theatre Nepal is organizing an experimental workshop to work upon our 'Oral History' through theatrical exercises. The workshop will include 15 high school students ranging their age from 16-20 years old. The 4 week long workshop will start from the last week of October 2018 and invite the participants to a monthly group meeting and virtual exchange session with international students until April 2019.

The 15 selected high school students will be invited to an orientation session on 27th September.
The workshop will provide a space for different young students to discuss and develop possibilities and strategies for preserving cultural heritages through theatrical exercises and knowledge sharing. It is also believed to be helpful in resolving tensions between different generations and different cultural practices.

To Apply:
Fill out this form no later than the evening of 25th September 2018 (later applications will not be considered!). A Selection Committee will make a selection of candidate students based on their application form. You will receive confirmation of your participation by evening of 26th September, 2018. The participation fee for the whole program is NPR. 10,000/- which will be paid by participants in time of admission.

You can also apply in hard copy or email by downloading the application form from our website: http://mandalatheatre.com/updates/156-oral-history-application.html

Since the program will be extended to a level of international exchange, we prefer participants with good English skills.

Participants from undeserved communities (such as with disabilities, ethnic minorities, women and other groups who face marginalization in Nepal’s society will be given preference to candidates of privileged communities with the same skills.

(Further Information and Submission of Documents:
somnath@mandalatheatre.com Som Nath Khanal, Program Manager (Mobile: 9849296461)
Mandala Theatre-Nepal (office number: 01 5705761)
facebook.com/MandalaTheatre Nepal | www.mandalatheatre.com)

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