Westport Youth Commission - New Member Application 2023-2024
The Westport Youth Commission is currently seeking 9th-12th grade students and adult members for the 2023-2024 school year! The Commission is comprised of 30 individuals (15 high school students/15 adults) who are recommended by the Commission's Board Development Committee and appointed by the First Selectwoman.

The Westport Youth Commission, as advocates for youth, shall assess the needs and interests of young people in Westport and encourage programs and develop resources to respond to these needs.

As a Town agency the Youth Commission is responsible for promoting public knowledge and understanding of youth problems and needs, and stimulating community responses to those problems and needs.

The Commission’s primary focus is to serve as a catalyst for programs and activities which promote the positive development of all youth in their families, schools, community, and among their peers.

Meetings are generally held in the evenings on the third Thursday of each month and members are expected to serve on at least one advocacy group, which requires varying additional meetings. 

If you are interested in discussing youth issues on a monthly basis while making a difference in the community and would like to be considered for appointment, please take a moment to complete this short inventory and forward it along with a letter of interest to the below contact information. One letter of reference can be sent directly to Kevin Godburn at kgodburn@westportct.gov by May 5th, 2023.
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Date of Birth
School/Or Profession
Graduating Year (if Student)
Please list volunteer activities in which you have been involved and approximately how much time you spend/spent each week on the project. Please include other opportunities which you are considering for the 2023-2024 school year.
What other extracurricular activities are you involved in and how do you intend on balancing these demands along with the duties of being a WYC member? (hobbies, sports teams, clubs, music, spiritual, etc).
Relate an idea, experience or activity which is pertinent to enhancing the quality of life for youth and families in Westport.
What does Westport mean to you and what special perspective do you feel that you can contribute?
Please provide contact information of two people who can serve as a personal reference. No relatives please!
One of the goals of the Westport Youth Commission is to build awareness for the commission itself. How did you hear about this opportunity?
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