COVID-19 Indianapolis Response
We are preparing for the potential of a community outbreak of COVID-19 in Indianapolis by identifying healthy young adults (whose risk level is relatively low) who are willing to be paired with an elder or immunocompromised person now in order to coordinate delivery of essential supplies if/when needed and check in with them by phone or other electronic means.

To keep up with the management of all the connections we are making, we have a new platform - Covaid - and are going to be using it as our matching platform going forward! This is still a neighbor-to-neighbor resource, so your information will still not be shared with any third parties.

Please register to volunteer or request assistance at!

This is being organized by private citizens for the benefit of those in our community. Information will not be used for any purpose except to contact you and match you with a neighbor or organization in need of volunteers (we try to match people based on proximity of address/zipcode). For any additional questions, please contact us at
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